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Auto Insurance

Auto Insurance Policies

Auto Insurance Policies

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Maintaining auto insurance is a legal requirement. Car insurance protects you if you are in a collision. Your insurance company will repair your damage and the damage caused to the other car within the limits of the policy chosen by you.

The Declarations page of your car insurance explains every aspect of your coverage. The information outlines the type of coverage you have, the limits, your deductible and other details and restrictions.

There are primarily two types of auto insurance: liability and comprehensive. Liability insurance is general, but having it ensures that you meet your state's minimum requirements to operate a vehicle. Comprehensive insurance provides you with additional coverage, such as replacing your car and personal items if they are stolen.

You can also add coverage to your plan if you would like. Many companies allow you to add medical coverage which help you cover hospital expenses you might incur. Additionally, rental car insurance can help you with transportation while your car is in the shop.

The major benefits to having car insurance include:

  1. You don't have to pay for damage to your car out of pocket.
  2. It covers damage beyond collisions.
  3. Lost wages are sometimes covered.
  4. Damaged caused by you to the property of others is covered.
  5. You have coverage while traveling out of state.
  6. When you are sued because of an accident, you are only liable to a certain limit.

Benefits like removing your deductible and bonus checks if you are not in an accident are great incentives often offered to safe drivers.

We will be glad to assist you with navigating through the many wonderful benefits of carrying an insurance policy that fits your budget and lifestyle.